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Operating buildings effectively is a complex job. Buildings must be kept to a temperature that ensures resident comfort despite changes to weather, occupancy and maintenance requirements. Energy savings and reporting requirements are important components to successful building operation, but facility teams are often stretched between several competing priorities.

Having a remote HVAC managed service can ensure the goals of the facility are met by providing a highly skilled operations team to provide regular monitoring and validation of your HVAC systems’ operation. Remote managed services are meant to act as an extension of your facility team, providing some significant benefits to your building.


While managing the smooth and most-efficient operation of your building’s HVAC system is in everyone’s best interest, it’s often not the most urgent task of the moment. Occupant calls, regularly scheduled maintenance, and ongoing projects all compete for your facility team’s attention. A remote HVAC managed service relieves your on-the-ground resources to attend to other priorities—while ensuring your HVAC system won’t be left neglected.


Through cloud-based remote access, an HVAC managed service can monitor your equipment for faults and symptoms of developing problems. Through early notification, your facility team can address these issues before they result in equipment failure and a costly emergency call to your local HVAC contractor.


Changes to your facility team due to turnover can result in knowledge gaps, especially when it comes to efficient control of local HVAC systems and equipment. If your HVAC is managed remotely through a service, it can be a consistent presence the bridge those knowledge gaps. Bringing your new building staff up to speed on the HVAC characteristics and quirks at your building can help ensure personnel transitions happen smoothly.


Proper commissioning and retro-commissioning of HVAC equipment are important initial steps in the path toward HVAC energy savings. However, ongoing system validation and monitoring are integral to ensuring continued optimal performance and realizing ongoing savings. Systems can drift, resident spaces and seasons change; often initial savings are greatly reduced months after a major investment was made in a retro-commissioning project. Working hand-in-hand with a remote managed service, the value of an energy-efficiency project can continue to be realized months or even years after project completion.

In addition to the benefits listed above, there’s one more: Peace of mind. Through a remote HVAC managed service program, you can rest assured knowing your facility team has the expert support it needs.