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During the colder months heating bills sky rocket. With the severe weather which seems to have become the norm it is becoming harder to keep our home heated with the rising cost of energy.

These wonderful ideas will create free heat for any room in your home and are all self-contained units which work independently of any other energy source, which means even if there is a power outage/shortage you’ll be prepared to keep your home warm in any emergency situation.

Take a look at these amazing ideas and give them a try for yourself!

How To Heat A Room With Flower Pots & Tea Lights – This simple way to heat any room utilizes the wasted heat from a candle and creates a small indoor space heater which only needs 8 tea lights and two terracotta pots for one day. It requires no electricity for it to work at any point either so once you have the required tools you can heat any room at the low cost of just $0.12 per day.

Window Box Heater – This elegantly simple design is perfect for every level of DIYer and works perfectly in any home. By absorbing the suns rays and converting it into heat this basic device does not require any major construction or even a vent, instead it is attached to your window and will absorb the heat through the glass before dispersing it around the room. It relies on using black paint and pennies to make it more efficient at absorbing the suns rays.

DIY Solar Furnace – This self-powered device can change a room’s temperature between 10 to 29 degrees and uses only the suns heat to work. Once it is made this amazingly designed device will continue to work independently from any other power source. Meaning it will create completely free heat and with the addition of a small fan it makes sure it goes exactly where you want.

Solar Box Heater – Using a few surprising materials you will be able to harness the warmth of the sun and create this super easy heater which will heat any room. Perfect for a workshop or easily adapted for a home this simple DIY can be made by even the least experienced crafters and see the heat rise by a considerable amount and if you add a little more insulation you’ll be able to see the temperature rise even more.

Emergency Heater – These low-cost heaters use only a few items and work perfectly in any emergency. They are ideal to have in a 72-hour emergency kit or just to have a few in your home to keep jack frost at bay. The tutorial explains everything you need to know about how these convenient and travel-friendly heaters will produce large quantities of heat whether it’s used in your home or even your car.