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Have a toilet that isn’t operating properly? We have some good news. Many toilet repairs can be do-it-yourself projects for most homeowners.

Here’s a handy guide to fixing your broken toilet handle. This guide shows you the simple steps you can take to make the repair.


First, it’s important to understand what exactly your toilet handle does. When you pull the handle, it lifts a rod that’s connected to the tank’s drain. The connection is made by a chain that should be readily apparent when you take the lid off the toilet. If your handle isn’t working, there’s some sort of breakdown in these components – the handle itself, the rod, the chain or the stopper over the drain.


Start by removing the toilet’s lid and unhooking the chain from the rod – it’s usually attached by a simple clip, with no special tools required. Then find the nut where the handle attaches to the inside of the tank. It should unscrew easily if the nut is plastic. If it’s made of metal, you may need a wrench to get it off.

Once the nut is free, you should be able to pull the handle completely out of the thank with the rod coming with it.


Let’s assume your issue is with the handle itself and not a broken chain or stopper. You can find replacement kits at your local hardware store, and they’re not hard to use. Once your broken handle and rod are removed, all you have to do is open your kit and replace the broken handle and rod with the new ones. As you’re installing it, be sure to get the nut tight enough without getting too tight. If you overtighten, it might be hard to take off later or you might even strip the nut.

Finally, clip the chain back to the new rod and then replace the toilet’s lid. If it still doesn’t work, you may have a more significant problem that requires a professional to come out and take a look.