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We dread summer months not only for the sweltering, sticky heat but also for the mammoth electricity bills we receive. With the on-going heat wave, it’s a surprise how anybody manages to get any sleep at all. Putting the AC on full blast every night may be good for sleep but bad for your pocket. But surviving the summer heat every night is not easy without it. Or is it? These handy summer tips during the sweltering hot months will help you sleep soundly and save up on your electricity bills.

Get Cotton Sheets

Wondering why you are tossing and turning every night in your sleep these days? Take a good look at your sheets! Bedsheets made of synthetic fibers block the ventilation of air, turning your bed into an oven. Get breathable cotton sheets instead.

Stick the Sheets in the Fridge

As crazy as it may seem, sticking the sheets in the fridge (not the freezer) for a few minutes will keep them cool for a while… at least for a few minutes till you fall asleep. Half an hour before you hit the bed, keep your bed sheets rolled in the fridge and take them out just before you want to hit the bed.

Get a Table Fan

Table fans are budget-friendly and do a better job keeping you cool than your ceiling fan and are more power efficient than your AC. As compared to the 900 watts of energy consumed by the air conditioner, your table fan will only need 50 watts. Plus the hypnotic whirr of the blades can be very soothing and can lull you to sleep in no time.

Eat Cooling Foods before Bed

Top up your meals with cooling foods such as melons, cucumbers and pears just before bed can keep you cool from the inside. Avoid heat-causing foods such as yogurt, citrus fruits and spicy foods just before bed.

Wear Loose, Thin Clothes

Abandon your silk negligees and synthetic boxers for the night and stick to cotton shirts and pajamas. These breathable clothes help maintain the air flow and ventilation, keeping you cool throughout the night.

Place a Vessel Full of Ice in Front of The Table Fan

Freeze enough ice cubes during the day and fill a vessel with them. At night, place the vessel in front of a table fan, which will blow icy mist in your direction at night. It’s a temporary solution and will last till you fall asleep.

Use Ice Packs

Fill a hot water bag with ice cold water and place them under your sheets. Even better, keep it under your feet, behind your knees or against your tummy at night.

Take a Shower

Just before you hit the bed, take a cooling shower. Water decreases your core temperature, rinsing off the sticky sweat and helping you sleep better.

These inexpensive tips will not only assure you a sound sleep at night but also help you reduce power consumption. The results can improve your health as well as your wealth (sorry).