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Indoor air, especially recirculated air, is full of contaminants. In fact, some experts say the indoor air could be more polluted than outdoor air. Respiratory irritants which can be found inside an enclosed area may include cat and dog hair, pollen, household chemicals like hairspray particles and dust among other things. An air filter is designed to keep this to a minimum.

The frequency with which you need to change your air filter will depend on how sensitive your family members are to irritants. In general, vacation home or homes owned by a single occupant without pets or allergies may only require an air filter change between 6 to 9 months. The average pet-less homes should change the HVAC filter every three months, and families with pets or allergies should change the filter every 30 to 60 days.

When changing the filters, first start by turning off your HVAC system. Removal is easy if the filter doesn’t slide out, it would be attached with small screws which can be removed using a household screwdriver. Once you have the old filter removed from the unit, install the new one making sure that the filter faces the right direction and fits comfortably and securely into space. If it’s ill-fitting, you may have purchased the wrong model by mistake. Once the filter is installed, you may turn on the HVAC unit. It may be wise to buy filters to bulk if you expect to change them often, in order to reduce costs and improve convenience.

Having a clean filter will be of benefit to your household or business office. It will increase efficiency in your unit and save money. Additionally, it will increase the longevity of the unit and you will be also helping the environment.