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Most utility companies will provide a free home energy audit to their customers. If the utility company in your area doesn’t have one, you can do your own audit!

Install Dimmer Switches
When you install dimmer switches, you’re only using as much light as you need.

Install Ceiling Fans
When you keep the air circulating in your home with the fans, your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to keep you cool.

Line Dry Laundry
Washing machines and dryers are known to be one of the biggest reasons for a high electricity bill. If you set up a clothesline in your backyard, you won’t have to use the machines as much. Don’t have a clothesline? You can use a drying rack or the shower rod.

Eliminate Phantom Loads
Home electronics are another big reason for a high electricity bill. Even though you turned off your TV this morning, it is still consuming electricity. A great solution is plugging all of your electronics into power strips. Just make sure you turn off the strips from time to time.

Shield Your Home From the Sun
Use thick curtains for windows on the sunny side of your house. You can also look into installing tinted window film.

Schedule Yearly HVAC Maintenance
Having your HVAC system regularly inspected and cleaned can improve the efficiency.

Change Air Filters Regularly
Along with the HVAC maintenance, remember to change your filter every 30 days!

Switch to LEDs
Did you know that LED light bulbs can use about 90% less energy than incandescent ones? For the lights you constantly use, try switching to LED ones.

Upgrade to Energy Star Appliances
Are you considering replacing your home appliances? Try replacing them with Energy Star models, which use less energy.

Washing Clothes in Cold Water
Most of the energy consumed by your washing machine goes to heating water. Turn the dial to cold and you’ll see your electricity bill go down.

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