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Check out some tips to help reduce indoor allergens and improve indoor air quality systems!

With spring just around the corner, these helpful pointers will help improve IAQ.

  • Encase pillows, box springs and mattresses in dust-mite-proof covers and wash bed sheets weekly.
  • Deep clean all carpets and vacuums weekly.
  • Clean the most-used furniture (g. couch) often.
  • Remove unnecessary clutter that has collected dust by putting it in storage.
  • Open windows to allow cross-ventilation because IAQ is usually worse indoors and a breeze will help purify it.
  • Potted plants can grow mold, so cover dirt with aquarium gravel to prevent it.
  • Use vented exhaust fans to remove cooking fumes and avoid moisture buildup when cooking.
  • Maintain an indoor temperature of 68°F to 72°F because humidity attracts dust mites and mold.
  • Replace air filters monthly.