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We all want to do our part to save water, and if it can reduce the cost of our monthly water bill, more the better! Here are some tips my family uses to keep things in check.

  • Replace your current toilet and shower head with energy saving/low flow models which use less than half the water as older standard models.
  • Replace your toilet flapper each year as they tend to wear down quickly.
  • Repair any leaking faucets and check toilet for leaks.
  • Have outside sprinklers on a timer to control amount of water released – also make sure sprinklers are only hitting plants and lawn and not being wasted by soaking the driveway!
  • Cut your water usages in half by showering for five minutes instead of taking a bath.
  • Turn the water off while shaving and brushing teeth – you’d be surprised to see how much water that saves!
  • Put buckets outside to collect rain water to use for watering plants – they love rain water!
  • Place ice cubes on hanging plants so they have a chance to soak up all the water and prevent overflow from watering and it won’t create over flow spillage from watering too fast.
  • When boiling water for cooking use the right size pot and make sure to only include the amount of water required.
  • Replace grass with shrubs and trees that require less water.

When conserving water, just remember a little goes a long way. When we are conscious of what we are doing we will take steps to reduce our usage. What are your ways to count back on monthly bills? Here’s wishing you a world-class day!